General English

Our general English courses are specifically designed for people that aim to improve fluency and accuracy in Real Life English. This course is intended for language learners who aim to gain coinfidence in a range of real life situations.

If you have already managed to pull your English level up to a point where you don’t have any trouble expressing yourself and are in search of a totally innovative approach, ’’English through movies and series program’’ can be just what you need to acquire real life expressions.

Business English

If you are looking for a training center for your professional life or career, and wish to study with highly motivated professionals, this is the right place.

Whatever your language or experience level is, our objective will always be giving you the skills and confidence to use English in a wide variety of contexts.

Basic, intermediate and advanced level business English courses are included in this program as well as preparation for job interviews.

Exam Preparation

We run short preferably face to face intensive IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or any other test preparation courses for students who are planning on taking the exam with in the next month and also English for those courses for anyone who needs more time to study.

Regarding improving vocabulary and reading , we aim to guide our students by teaching them how to guess complex vocabularies through Latin and Greek words. In short, we make use of Ethymology.

Turkish for Foreigners

If you are planning to stay in Turkey for business purposes or start working at a Turkish company, we offer you a comprehensive course program that will help you learn Turkish in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our goal is to help our students to become functional in Turkish in their first month of lessons. After the first month, we aim for conversational fluency in basic conversation and for reading comprehension so that students can enjoy activities such as reading newspapers.

Translation Services

Have your document translated by our professional translators with just a few clicks without ever stepping a foot in a translation office.

We have a rigorous quality understanding to ensure that all your translations are phenomenal without any grammatical or spelling errors.

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